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The Detox Spa therapies help to prevent build up and remove exposures to toxins that we have accumulated to promote health. Why do we need to detox? Toxic burdens from Chemicals, Heavy Metals, Microbial neurotoxins, and Radiation overwhelm, eventually interfere with and damage all systems of the body. Toxins stored in fat cells give you more fat cells to protect you. Toxins stored in joints contribute to arthritis. Toxins stored in organs eventually cause dis-eases. It is important to try to reduce exposures to toxins when possible! Symptoms of a toxic body burden are body odor, brain fog, digestive difficulty, hair loss, headaches, infections, memory changes, pain, skin eruptions, sleep issues, slow to heal, & weight gain. 

The Detox Spa has a Sunlighten Full Spectrum(near,mid, & far)Infrared sauna, Ionic Footbaths, & PEMF.

The Sunlighten Full spectrum infrared sauna increases toxin removal by generating a sweat 7X more detoxifying compared to traditional sauna. Sauna sessions work by heating up the body at a cellular level  increasing core temperature which promotes sweating. Sweating while exercising is 3% toxins. Sweating induced by a infrared sauna is 15-20% toxins.  Full spectrum infrared sauna is Beneficial for DETOX, relaxes the body, boosts the immune system for illness prevention and recovery, dilates blood vessels increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues, increasing collagen and elastin production, lowers inflammation allowing pain relief & faster healing of injuries and wounds with minimal scarring, enhanced athletic performance,reduction in blood pressure, and weight loss by burning up to 600 calories per session and toxin dump. Please bring for sauna session: cotton shorts and a shirt, towel, change of clothes, and a water bottle.  Important to stay hydrated when detoxing!   

The Ionic Footbaths quadruple toxin release into the urine. Using the ionic footbath in conjunction with cilantro tincture quadruples toxin removal again. Blood analyzed before and after found a 20-50% increase in toxin removal. Ionic footbaths benefit us by producing negative hydrogen ions, which act as ultra high powered antioxidants that enter through the feet and help us to repair, and act as "free radical hunters"  that stop cascades of damage. Toxins steal electrons=damage, antioxidants donate electrons=enhanced repair, elimination of toxins, and protection(by increasing oxygen, nutrients, and electricity to all our cells).          

Infrared Sauna,Ionic Footbath, & PEMF therapy sessions are a great way to spoil yourself, friends and family! They promote optimal health!

We offer HealthQuest Detox lifestyle guidance to expedite results.

Are you wanting to be a toxin dumper to enhance your health? We are here to help! Call today!!! (712)642-5023

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