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I'm 59 years old and there isn't many people I trust in the medical field but Dave has helped me out from tremendously , me and my family has always been able to get taken care of with him thanks Dave

Dave and Lauran are beautiful people inside and out! They are both extremely gifted chiropractors and are very knowledgeable about the body and mind. We love them!

Tabitha Jarosz
We knew as soon as someone answered the phone that we would receive optimal care. If you are passing through, and need chiropractic care, you will find it here! Thank you Dave!

Bethany Robinson

Dr. Dave Hoffman is the best chiropractic I ever had. I can not explain how much pain I had until he treated. I only went 3/4 time and my pain disappear. I would recommend to everyone. I never believed chiropractic would be so effective until I met him. I live in Omaha, but it is worth a trip to Missouri Valley. Thank you so much.

Roger Shrestha