Heart Health

In February we celebrate our Amazing HEARTS! What can you do to get and keep your heart pumping healthy for Life?
1) Fill your plate- with LOW FAT foods, mostly whole plant based foods. Fatty meals cause negative changes in your red blood cells(they become spiky in shape,clump & clot), lowers blood oxygen,increases viscosity of blood,damages arteries (by increasing not desirable enzymes, hardening by bacterial toxins), increases bacterial & viral infections and their toxins, increases insulin resistance, impairs your immune system and decreases testosterone.
2) Stay hydrated, drink water, herbal non decaffeinated teas, fresh made fruit and vegetable juices.
3)Don't smoke and decrease alcohol consumption-poisons the body, damages blood vessels,decreases oxygen and blocks healing
4)Radiation Reduction- man made microwave radiation(Wifi, cell phones and towers, smart watches, dect phones, smart activity trackers, etc) interfere and disturb the normal electricity of your heart, which can contribute to A-fib, tachycardia,strokes and heart attacks. It can induce insulin resistance.It can cause heart tumors called schwannomas. It can also affect the developing hearts of unborn babies too.
5)Optimal body weight -decreases the stress on the heart!
6)Exercise daily- walking at least 30 minutes. Strengthens the heart, increases energy production, increases oxygen uptake and efficiency and function of. God made us to move!
7) Healing "time"- Prayer, 7-8 hours of deep sleep,relaxation, stress reduction. simplify, love, spend time outside-sunshine, read the bible, meditate on bible verses, spend time with loving family and friends, hugs, positive productive thoughts, live in your purpose.....
8) Get Adjusted-studies have shown that Chiropractic adjustments can help Prevent heart attacks, reduce heart rate,relieve chest pain & lower blood pressure. Which is all good news for the heart! We can accomplish this by removing the effects of a subluxation ( sub"less" lux"light" ation) on a the nerve supply to the heart and related systems. This reduces stress and allows the body to function normally and relax.
9) Sweat in an infrared sauna- In Japan, sauna is a regular treatment for heart conditions and Prevention of. The sauna improves the function and health of the cells that line your arteries and increases efficiency of blood flow decreasing blood pressure and stress on the heart.
10) Test & Detect-Have you been living a less than optimal lifestyle? It is important to know the stress levels on your heart! Do you know your advance cholesterol numbers,blood sugar,hemoglobin A1-C, inflammation markers, C-reactive protein, homocysteine, lipoprotein A, blood pressure,resting heart rate with and without exercise? Know your numbers, visit your medical doctor! Make lifestyle changes! They will change your numbers towards optimal. It will take time.....recheck regularly to reach your goals. Most medications used to control your numbers can actually cause heart failure"read the fine print" and should be used to control acute symptoms ideally until you get your numbers at optimal levels with a healthy lifestyle. Most healthy lifestyle factors can over ride genetic health tendencies, except in true hyperlipidemia. Family heart issues are largely learned and passed down unhealthy lifestyle habits, not truly genetic and unavoidable. Congenital heart defects after the best medical intervention can be helped with a healthy lifestyle too.

Empower yourself! You have a choice!!
Make the changes! Love your heart!
Love yourself! God does!!!
Happy Healthy Hearts!